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Sara M Lyons Nail Decals

Sara M Lyons Nail Decals


i'm so happy to reintroduce one of my very first products - my super cute nail decals featuring my original illustrations!  i used to make each pack by hand, but ran into some issues with adhesive that caused the old ones to be tricky to apply.  after months of experimenting i've found a decal manufacturer i'm stoked about, so my decals are now bolder, brighter, and easier than ever to apply!

here's what's the same:
a 3x3" decal sheet with easy-to-follow application directions, featuring 60 different decals in assorted dainty and dirty designs.   (NOTE - a handful of these designs are not so G-rated, so these decals are probably not appropriate for kids without some editing first!) 

here's what's different:
colors are bolder and brighter, the plastic film is WAY easier to peel away, and - maybe the best part yet! - these designs are now semi-opaque.  they still show up best on lighter-colored polish, but they'll pop a little more on deeper shades now too!

still waterslide, still like cute little tattoos for your nails!
waterslide nail decals require only water and a clear topcoat for application.  they differ from traditional vinyl nail stickers in that when properly applied, waterslide decals adhere almost seamlessly to the nail, giving a highly detailed "tattoo-like" effect.  they can be used on natural nails, press-ons, acrylics, and gels, and last for as long as a typical manicure holds out!

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