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Frown Face Chenille Patch


Frown Face Chenille Patch


Sometimes you just don't feel like smiling. Sure, putting a smile on can actually make you feel better, but I personally prefer to wallow in sadness or frustration for a little first. IT'S CALLED PROCESSING AND IT IS GOOD AND USEFUL.

These fuzzy little chenille patches say what you mean, and they're so pathetic-cute that they'll probably make you laugh. I honestly burst into laughter when I first opened the package, and again this morning as I took the photo and wrote this.

Based on an "original drawing" of a frown I drew when I was upset. Measure 2.5" in diameter. Due to their fuzzy little faces, these patches don't have the iron-on backing that my other patches do. You can attach these with fabric glue, safety pin, or stitching them on directly. Big sloppy stitches might really nail the aesthetic here.

Designed by AdamJK.

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