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Faye Orlove

Celebrity Goddess Tarot Deck


22 major arcana tarot cards in a cardstock box 

dimensions: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75"
material: 300gsm premium quality card stock with blue core (smooth finish)
full color print

0 the fool: britney spears
i the magician: yoko ono
ii  the high priestess: rupaul
iii the empress: courtney love
iv the emperor: beyoncé
v hierophant: madonna
vi lovers: kim kardashian, 
kanye, and north west
vii the chariot: tonya harding
viii strength: nicki minaj
ix the hermit: patti smith
x wheel of fortune: kathleen hanna
xi justice: olivia benson
xii the hanged woman: diana ross
xiii death: miley cyrus
xiv temperance: portia de rossi
xv the devil: rihanna
xvi the tower: amy winehouse
xvii the star: frida kahlo
xviii the moon: malala yousafzai
xix the sun: taylor swift
xx judgement: katharine hepburn
xxi the world: björk

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